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Coldest months (with the lowest average sea temperature) are January and February (6.4°C). [188], Weather Atlas | © 2002-2020 | Yu Media Group d.o.o. Monthly weather forecast and climate for Amsterdam, Netherlands. Rufen Sie die monatliche Wettervorhersage für Amsterdam, Provinz Nordholland, Niederlande einschließlich Tageshöchst- und -tiefswerten und historischer Mittelwerte ab, um … The month with the highest average low temperature is July (12°C). Temperatur (°C) Niederschlag (mm) Windgeschwindigkeit (Km/h) 21,6. See a 36 hour Amsterdam weather forecast and information about Amsterdam's year-round climate. In Amsterdam you park your bike with a plastic bag covering the seat — so it won’t get wet in the ‘inevitable’ scattered showers. Basiert auf Wetterberichten im Zeitraum 1985-2015. The weather in the coastal regions of the country tends to be warmer and wetter than the weather further inland. Wir wünschen tolles Wetter in Holland im August ☀ ⛅ There are a couple of days when it’s raining, and it’s mostly dry and warm the rest of the time. Amsterdam Unity Cup: Coffee shop lovers should time their Amsterdam holiday to take in the Cannabis Cup, the world's premier marijuana and hemp festival, where participants sample and vote for the year's best cannabis strains. Today’s and tonight’s Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands weather forecast, weather conditions and Doppler radar from The Weather Channel and The wetter season lasts 6.7 months, from July 13 to February 3, with a greater than 30% chance of a given day being a wet day. Weather Underground provides local & long-range weather forecasts, weatherreports, maps & tropical weather conditions for the Amsterdam area. ":"&")+"url="+encodeURIComponent(b)),f.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"),f.send(a))}}}function B(){var b={},c;c=document.getElementsByTagName("IMG");if(!c.length)return{};var a=c[0];if(! Weather Atlas: Amsterdam, Netherlands - Detailed climate information and monthly weather forecast. The month with the lowest number of rainy days is April (9 days). Dutch National Opera creates and performs dramatic musical art, focusing on quality, diversity and innovation. >> Klimatabellen und Wetter im August in Amsterdam Amsterdam » Amsterdam live webcam. Ob Regen, Wind, Regenrisiko, Temperatur oder Sonnenstunden – alle Wetterdaten der Region Amsterdam finden Sie hier im Detail. Dutch National Opera. The month with the lowest average high temperature is January (5.8°C). The chance of wet days in Amsterdam varies throughout the year. Overall, October has some 60 hours of rain, and an average of 104 hours of sunshine. Although the seat of Netherlands government is in The Hague, Amsterdam is the nominal capital. Wetter heute, 24.12.2020 In Amsterdam bleibt der Himmel morgens grau und es regnet bei Temperaturen von 5°C. The driest month (with the lowest rainfall) is April (40.9mm). What is the best time of year to visit Amsterdam? It has long daylight hours and attracts the largest crowds of tourists. Get the monthly weather forecast for Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam is set in the heart of Amsterdam, 984 feet from Central Station. Neben den Wetter- und Klimadaten für tausende Orte weltweit finden Sie bei uns Infos rund um das Reisewetter für die beliebtesten Reiseziele. Amsterdam has a marine type of climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb) with mild, refreshing summers and cold, humid winters. The weather in August is moderately warm reaching a maximum of 23 °C (73 °F) at the sun’s peak. The month with the lowest UV index is December (UV index 0). CLIMATE-DATA.ORG - So wird das Wetter an Ihrem Reiseziel. This webcam Amsterdam with the theme Railroads was added on June 8, 2017 and is operated by Park Plaza / Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam. The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is October (89.6mm). 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It is also the country's largest city, with a population of more than 851,000, and the most visited, with over 3,5 million foreign visitors a year. The month with least sunshine is December (Average sunshine: 1.6h). This is expressed by taking a fresh approach to the opera classics, rediscovering repertoire that has seldom been performed and creating brand-new operas. Durchschnittswerte und Summen auf Basis von Wetterdaten der letzten 9 Jahre: Historische Daten der letzten 9 Jahre im Detail: Sie planen einen Urlaub bei hoffentlich schönem Wetter in Amsterdam im August 2021? Observations - Amsterdam Airport. Temperatur (°C) Min. Wetter Amsterdam - Niederlande - Europa - International - Die aktuelle Wetter Prognose für Amsterdam auf - Alle Vorhersagen schnell und … Months with the highest number of snowfall days are January and February (6 days). ("naturalWidth"in a&&"naturalHeight"in a))return{};for(var d=0;a=c[d];++d){var e=a.getAttribute("data-pagespeed-url-hash");e&&(! Basic facts about Amsterdam. If this camera doesn't work or should the link be wrong please report that here. The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is August (22.1°C). Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and (e in b)&&0=b[e].o&&a.height>=b[e].m)&&(b[e]={rw:a.width,rh:a.height,ow:a.naturalWidth,oh:a.naturalHeight})}return b}var C="";u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.getBeaconData",function(){return C});u("pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run",function(b,c,a,d,e,f){var r=new y(b,c,a,e,f);x=r;d&&w(function(){window.setTimeout(function(){A(r)},0)})});})();pagespeed.CriticalImages.Run('/ngx_pagespeed_beacon','','zSVFyT1vJp',true,false,'aj-_CP9T6Ow'); What to Wear When Traveling to Amsterdam in Summer . | Resources, Bicycles parked on a bridge on river Amstel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, overlooking beautiful banks and distant city buildings. Neben den Klimatabellen und Klimadiagrammen in der Jahresübersicht, informieren wir Sie im Bereich des Reisewetters mit den Temperaturenverläufen, Niederschlägen sowie mit aktuellen Wetterprognosen für die kommenden 14-Tage und der aktuelle Wassertemperatur. Mit dem RegenRadar verfolgen Sie live Regen, Schnee und Wolken. (function(){for(var g="function"==typeof Object.defineProperties?Object.defineProperty:function(b,c,a){if(a.get||a.set)throw new TypeError("ES3 does not support getters and setters. It got 9446 visitors since then. Months with the highest number of rainy days are October, November and December (13 days). Das Wetter für Amsterdam im Überblick. Wetter Amsterdam. One of the most famous is the Albert Cuypmarkt. The average temperatures range between 4.4°C (39.9°F) to 13.3°C (55.9°F), and the daily sunshine lasts for approximately 6 hours. The best month for swimming (with the highest average sea temperature) is August (18.3°C). There are plenty of outdoor attractions and performances during summer, making it the prime time to visit. The month with most sunshine is May (Average sunshine: 7.2h). Months with the highest UV index are June and July (UV index 6). Später ist es wolkig, die Sonne zeigt sich nur vereinzelt und die Temperatur erreicht 7°C. Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, lies on the Amstel River in North Holland.The city has an extensive network of canals that links it to the North Sea through the North Sea Canal. Klimatabelle und Klimadiagramm Amsterdam zeigt welche Temperatur und welche Niederschläge zu erwarten sind. The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 16.7h). >> Aktuelles Wetter in Amsterdam Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bar. Angezeigt: Ganzes Jahr Januar Februar März April Mai Juni Juli August September Oktober November Dezember If you're coming to Amsterdam in 2019, you need to watch this travel guide. Hello. © 2020 - CLIMATE-DATA.ORG. Waren unsere Infos für Sie hilfreich? Alle Klimadaten stammen aus einem Klimamodell. Private parking is available on site. Things to do in Amsterdam in May. Amsterdam: Klimatabelle und Wetter im August. CLIMATE-DATA.ORG - So wird das Wetter an Ihrem Reiseziel, Infos rund ums Wetter in Amsterdam im August: As of Thursday 17 December, a shop may only be open if before the lockdown it generated more than 70% of its turnover from the sale of food (food and drink), animal feed or drugstore products. If this camera doesn't work or should the link be wrong please report that here.You can add this webcam here to myCams. The latest weather forecasts for the UK and worldwide. The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is February (0.5°C). The UV index is high so take care when you’re sunbathing or exploring the island and ancient sights around Stalis. All Rights Reserved. These are the best things to do in Amsterdam from food, nightlife, hotels. 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Hier eine Auswahl an Reiseführer für Amsterdam: Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im Februar, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im März, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im April, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im Juni, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im Juli, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im September, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im Oktober, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im November, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im Dezember, Das Wetter und Klima in Dänemark im August, Das Wetter und Klima auf Mallorca im August, Das Wetter und Klima in Kroatien im August, Das Wetter und Klima in Bulgarien im August, Das Wetter und Klima der Niederlande im August, Das Wetter und Klima am Gardasee im August, Das Wetter und Klima in Amsterdam im August, Das Wetter und Klima in Hamburg im August, Das Wetter und Klima in Ägypten im August, Das Wetter und Klima auf Mallorca im Oktober, Das Wetter und Klima am Gardasee im Oktober, Das Wetter und Klima am Gardasee im April, Das Wetter und Klima in Südtirol im Oktober, Das Wetter und Klima in Ägypten im Februar, Das Wetter und Klima auf Mallorca im April, Beliebte Ziele im nächsten Monat | Januar, Das Wetter und Klima in Ägypten im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima in Hurghada im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima auf Gran Canaria im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima auf Teneriffa im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima der Türkei im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima auf Mallorca im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima der Kanaren im Januar, Das Wetter und Klima auf Fuerteventura im Januar. Sollten Ihnen Unregelmäßigkeiten auffallen, zögern Sie nicht, mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen. This particular marketplace runs through the heart of Pijp and offers anything visitors could desire. This webcam Amsterdam with the theme Weather was added on July 3, 2017 and is operated by BloomSky.It got 151 visitors since then. Wetter ☀ ⛅ Niederlande ☀ ⛅ August ☀ ⛅ Infos zu Temperatur, Sonnenstunden, Wassertemperatur & Niederschlag im August für die Niederlande. Diese Durchschnittswerte stammen aus Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (11 Kilometer von Amsterdam entfernt). Das Erkältungswetter von hilft Ihnen dabei, rechtzeitig vorzubeugen. >> Die Wassertemperaturen für Amsterdam. Timing-wise, the event usually coincides with Thanksgiving in the U.S. Webcams can be useful if you want to see the actual weather conditions of a place you are just about to go, or you just want to get a taste of the city from the comfort of your hotel.. Dam Square Amsterdam webcam. ... Bleiben Sie gesund bei jedem Wetter! Wenn ja, würden wir uns über eine Bewertung freuen. The month with the lowest relative humidity is May (76%). Very courteous staff. !b.a.length)for(a+="&ci="+encodeURIComponent(b.a[0]),d=1;d=a.length+e.length&&(a+=e)}b.i&&(e="&rd="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(B())),131072>=a.length+e.length&&(a+=e),c=!0);C=a;if(c){d=b.h;b=b.j;var f;if(window.XMLHttpRequest)f=new XMLHttpRequest;else if(window.ActiveXObject)try{f=new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")}catch(r){try{f=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")}catch(D){}}f&&("POST",d+(-1==d.indexOf("?")?"? The drier season lasts 5.3 months, from February 3 to July 13. Offering weather forecasts up to 14 days in advance, hourly forecasting, weather warnings and more.

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